15 Effective Powerpoint Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Presentations are a quick, easy, and effective way to present any topic to the audience. However, they can prove to be a disaster if not understood properly.

To create an effective presentation, you need to possess design skills, technical literacy and a sense of style to present your information.

Listed below are some simple tips to create an effective PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Keep the slides simple. A decluttered slide is the first attraction for the audience. The lesser the better.
  • Do not put too much content on one single slide. It will create confusion and would distract the audience. Whereas, the simpler a slide is, the more visually appealing it becomes. Make sure your message does not get derailed by unnecessarily complicated slides.
  • Put limited words to convey the message. Do not put everything on the screen. Limit the number of words you put on each slide by using key phrases and including essential information only.
  • DO NOT put text in paragraph format. Keep paragraph for the script and not on the slide.
  • Use high-quality graphics. Your graphics include photographs, images, and other design elements. It is vital to use high-quality images and graphics that complement your overall messaging.
  • Avoid using clip arts in your presentation as it looks absolutely childish and unprofessional.
  • Keep the background consistent. A simple and consistent background alleviate the presentation and does not distract the flow of the presentation. You can interchange between two different backgrounds depending upon the content you show on the screen.
  • Use contrasting colours for background and text. Use a dark background to put light coloured font and vice-versa. Textured or patterned background can look cluttery and reduce readability.
  • Be consistent with font, colours, and background. Your content presentation may vary but other visual elements should look consistent. Use the slide master tool to ensure consistency.
  • Avoid putting the entire text in ALL CAPITAL. Also, limit the use of punctuations.
  • Do not use flashy transition such as flying text effects, are transitions that happen too fast or too slow. Overusing special effects and animations can make your presentation look TOO creative and can overshadow the message.
  • Keep a check on the number of slides you put in your presentation. The too lengthy or too short presentation should be rechecked to put it some other format instead of PowerPoint.
  • Do not read from the slides. Keep the content on the slide and handout notes complementary but not same.
  • Align all the objects on the slide. A well-designed presentation has all the objects arranged properly in an appealing format.
  • Avoid using the inbuilt sound effect that comes with animation and transition feature. You can add sound and music to your overall presentation to make it interesting or highlight a part of your presentation.

It is important to learn the invaluable skills of writing, designing and presenting for a highly effective PowerPoint Presentation. Fortunately, PowerPoint Presentation is no rocket science. With a few tips and tricks, you can create a presentation that sends a crystal clear message across.

Just remember these thumb rule: The simpler the better. Less is more effective.

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