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Slideshow View In Microsoft Powerpoint

PowerPoint, generally abbreviated as PPT, is Microsoft’s presentation program to create slideshows of textual information, charts, images or videos to display during a presentation. The program is mostly used for business and academic purposes. Benefits of PowerPoint There are many advantages to using Microsoft’s PowerPoint program: It is easy to understand, standard presentation software.  It […]

How to Create Mind Map in MS Word

Microsoft Word is loaded with tools and feature that can simplify your work and present the information in a simple manner. Mind Map is one such way of displaying information in an easily understandable manner. A mind map is a simple diagrammatic representation of information that helps in connecting related ideas around a central thought.  […]

How to Type Fractions in MS Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing application used to perform typing tasks. It has many unique features and tools that offer a specific service to the user. When we say typing, it includes everything from alphabets to numbers, special characters and symbols. You can type all these simply from the keyboard. However, there are characters […]

How to Sort data by colors in excel

Microsoft Excel has many options for sorting data. Sorting is based on the colour of the cell is one of them. In this blog post, we will learn about the different scenarios where we can sort the data by colour. Sort based on a Single Colour: Below are the steps to sort dataset having a […]

15 Effective Powerpoint Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Presentations are a quick, easy, and effective way to present any topic to the audience. However, they can prove to be a disaster if not understood properly. To create an effective presentation, you need to possess design skills, technical literacy and a sense of style to present your information. Listed below are some simple […]

Compare & Combine Functions In MS Word

Microsoft Word has few features which are not used frequently. Compare and Combine are two such functions. As the names suggest, Compare and Combine functions allows you to compare two versions of a document and combine two documents respectively. So, the confusion is, when should these be used? In order to use these functions, let […]

Fundaments of Computers
Fundamentals of Computers: Everything You Need To Know About Computers

Have you ever imagined a world without computers? I believe you just can’t! Computers have revolutionized not only the technological world, but it has deeply impacted every one of us and our lives. The revolution that this magical device has brought can’t be explained in words. The manual life processes and simpler tasks can now […]

How To Change The PPT Template
How To Change The PPT Template: Easy 5 Step Formula

PowerPoint is one of the most common presentation platforms. It is easy to create, edit and publish. It is free and comes with lots of tools. However, too many tools make it a little confusing. Therefore, learning about a few important ones can make you a presentation PRO.   Templates are one of the most […]

7 Most Used Formulas in MS Excel | Elearno Learning
7 Microsoft Excel Formulas That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier!

MS Excel is the most commonly used industry-standard software for data analysis. To become a highly skilled individual in financial analysis, the basic know-how of Microsoft Excel is a must. But, learning the basic Excel formulas can be a critical task for beginners.  Here are seven basic Excel formulas, which will make your task easier: […]

A quick guide on How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs

 It might happen that you accidentally close a tab and then you realize that you weren’t done with it. No need to worry, you’ll be able to reopen your closed tabs back following a couple of easy processes. Here we bring you a quick guide on how to reopen closed tabs for the five […]

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