How To Change The PPT Template

How To Change The PPT Template: Easy 5 Step Formula

PowerPoint is one of the most common presentation platforms. It is easy to create, edit and publish. It is free and comes with lots of tools. However, too many tools make it a little confusing. Therefore, learning about a few important ones can make you a presentation PRO.


Templates are one of the most important factors to be considered when creating a PowerPoint presentation. Applying a template saves you a lot of time while also creating an impressive presentation. PowerPoint presentations also allow you to customize the template according to the organizational theme.


So, let us understand how to change a PPT design template in just a few steps. 


When you create a presentation using PowerPoint, you have two options. The first option is to choose from the specific design template which allows you to set colour scheme, font style, etc. for all the slides. The second option is to choose a blank presentation and work on everything from scratch.


When you select a predesigned template, you have an option to change the template later if the design is not according to your requirement. You can apply a new template and change the background, colour scheme, font, and other elements.


Follow the steps below to change the PPT template:


Step 1:  

Click the Design Tab located at the top of the PowerPoint file and expands the options from the down arrow. You will see a variety of thumbnail for the PowerPoint layout you can use.

How To Change a PPT Template


When you have multiple layout options, you have choices for starting points when designing your own content.

Step 2: 

Select any one of the template options available in the dropdown. You can also browse to an already saved PowerPoint template on the computer.

How To Change A PPT Template

You may even add content to each of the placeholder boxes that come with the template. 

Step 3: 

When you click selected one that you want to apply, all of the slides immediately take on the setting of the selected template design.

Change A PPT Template

Step 4: 

Save your presentation.

How to Save A PPT File

Step 5: 

Check all the slides!

There are chances that some slides will not appear properly formatted. You may have to format a few slides after you have applied the new template. Check and verify all the slides and you are good to go!

PowerPoint presentations are all about ideas to design a slide. They provide the placeholder for the content placement. Although these built-in layouts are easy to use, they restrict creativity.

If want to learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint and its tools, check our Microsoft PowerPoint Basic tutorial.

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