E-learning – Statistically speaking, the right choice!

Online learning has become one of the most effective learning tools in the world today. Apart from individuals who now find the time to pursue their talents and hone their skills through the internet, companies and businesses are also welcoming online learning as an added perk to their employee benefit plans.

On the completion of a decade of online learning, here are a few statistics which show how the next generation of learning is turning digital, and how it is a good thing!

42% of Companies claim that adding e-learning has led to increased revenue.

According to the Research Institute of America, companies claim that training employees through e-learning not only saves millions of dollars for the company, but is also found as the most effective way for employees to learn. On an average, every dollar spent in e-learning returns $30 dollars of productivity for the company, while increasing the capability of the employees by 18%.

Employees who participated in online learning, learnt 5 times more than through traditional training.

A study conducted by IBM within the organization showed that employees who were trained through online courses learnt 5 times more than through the traditional method, without increasing the time taken for learning, as well as reducing the costs for the company.

Corporate e-learning has grown by 900% in the past 17 years.

Yes, it’s true. E-learning is one of the fastest growing training tools used by corporates across the world. Due to its reduced costs and increased productivity, the need of corporate e-learning is growing rapidly.

E-learning is associated with increasing revenue generated by employees by 26%, while retention factor for employees by 25%.

Companies which used digital training methods, including e-learning, reported a 26% higher revenue generation per employee, compared to companies training through traditional methods. Moreover, 25% employees said that corporate e-learning helped them to gain better skills and more development opportunities and, thus, gave them a reason to stay with the company.

Retention rates through e-learning were significantly higher, with comparison to face-to-face training modules.

Studies showed that the average retention rate of what an employee could remember through e-learning was nearly from 25 to 60%, as compared to retention rates of face-to-face training and teaching model, which was nearly 8 to 10%.

*Source: Various Research reports

As we look at the bigger picture, it just goes to show how e-learning is shaping the world, not only one student at a time, but also companies at large. Online training and digital learning is being graciously accepted by the corporate world to increase their productivity at reduced costs. There are institutes which help companies by providing the latest and world-class learning modules for their employees. Institutes like Elearno are helping corporates develop their brands. To know more on how Elearno can be of use for your employees, just connect with us or book a free demo today. Visit https://elearno.com/contact/ to know more.

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