Fundaments of Computers

Fundamentals of Computers: Everything You Need To Know About Computers

Have you ever imagined a world without computers? I believe you just can’t!

Computers have revolutionized not only the technological world, but it has deeply impacted every one of us and our lives. The revolution that this magical device has brought can’t be explained in words. The manual life processes and simpler tasks can now be done with extreme accuracy, that too in a fraction of second with this device.

Consequently, understanding the basics of this device has become an extreme necessity for the existence and growth of every individual on this globe. The invention of the computer has not only transformed our sophisticated manual works to automated simpler tasks, but it has helped the global community to develop efficiency in whatever they do.

Further, digitization and ICT technologies have improvised the quality of human life. It is assisting hugely in learning and education through the media. 

Thus, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of computers which can be used as a communication tool in education.

Now, before diving into the advantages of a computer, let’s just first understand what a computer actually is:

A computer is an electronic device that works entirely on the instructions that are provided to it which it stores in its own memory. Since the computer has no IQ of its own (which is its drawback), it follows these instructions. The computer accepts data which is called input, processes it arithmetically and logically, and produces the results which can be stored and also used in the future.


The term Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer: e.g., keyboard, monitor, CPU box mouse, hard disk, etc. These are tangible substances which are visible and can be touched. 


Software, on the other hand, is a set of electronic instructions that the computer can understand:  such as files, operating systems, graphics, program applications, etc. The difference between hardware and software is similar to the difference between brain and mind. The brain can be considered as a hardware component; however mind, intelligence, memories work the same as software.  

However, the question arises that why has this become part and parcel of our lives? The obvious answer is the benefits attached to it. 

There are numerous advantages to computers which include:

High Speed: The computer is very fast and the tasks which used to take hours doing manually, now can be done in a fraction of seconds.  The device has the capability to processes a massive amount of data and can perform millions of complicated calculations in less than a second.

Accuracy: The biggest challenge in doing tasks manually is precision. Human beings however intelligent they there are always chances of conducting errors. However computers never make a mistake unless a wrong instruction is provided; this is what is meant by ‘garbage- in, garbage out,’ that is results generated by computer depend on the input and the instructions provided to it. Moreover, being a machine, it is always free from tiredness, emotional distress, lack of concentration, etc.

Versatility: Adaptability is the feature that makes it highly resourceful. The machine can perform multiple tasks at a time without getting tired and distracted. Its flexibility in performing various tasks helps in switching between complex scientific calculations to a gaming mode in less than a second.

Storage: Memory is very significant to store and retrieve a large amount of data without getting damaged. Though the human brain can store a vast amount of information yet retrieving that information quickly when needed is a challenging task. However, a computer can store images, text videos and audio which can be retrieved as and when required.

Reduction in paperwork and cost: The digitization has removed the necessity of cumbersome paperwork which not only time consuming but also costly at the same time.

Knowing numerous benefits associated with the use of computers it has been recognized that one can work smartly and without inputting rigid efforts with this device. Basic computer knowledge can make your life way simpler and easier than ever before.



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