Slideshow View In Microsoft Powerpoint

PowerPoint, generally abbreviated as PPT, is Microsoft’s presentation program to create slideshows of textual information, charts, images or videos to display during a presentation. The program is mostly used for business and academic purposes.

Benefits of PowerPoint

There are many advantages to using Microsoft’s PowerPoint program:

  1. It is easy to understand, standard presentation software. 
  2. It is easy to share, open, and view in any compatible application.
  3. It includes many attractive features like animation, slide transition, themes, layouts, templates and more.
  4. PowerPoint slides can be converted into other formats like PDF, GIF, JPG images, MPEG-4 video, Rich Text Format (RTF), Window Media Movie (WMV) and XML.


Ideally, to display the presentation in front of the audience, the PowerPoint slides take up the entire presentation screen. This is known as the Slide Show view of PowerPoint. This view ensures that the presentation is clear, focused and creates an impact on the audience.

To run a presentation in Slide Show view:

Click the “Slide Show” tab in the Ribbon.

In “Start Slide Show” section, click “From Beginning” to start the slide show from the first slide or click “From Current Slide” to start the slide show from the currently selected slide.

To advance through the slides and animations in the presentation, click the screen with the mouse. 

Alternatively, you can also press the “Space” bar on your keyboard to advance through the slide show. 

By default, when the slideshow is finished, the presentation comes back to its previous view that was in effect before entering the Slide Show view.

However, if you want to go back to the previous view in between the slide show, you can do it by pressing the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard.

To navigate the presentation or add annotations in the slide, right-click the screen in Slide Show view and you will see various command options in a pop-up menu. 

The is an option called “Pointer Options”. This option further opens a list of the various pointer options available in the PowerPoint.

The pop-up menu also has a “Help” command. 

This shows a list of the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Slide Show view. These help you in minimizing the onscreen distraction while delivering the presentation.

To exit out of “Slide Show” view before the end of the presentation, press the “Esc” key on your keyboard or click “End Show” in the popup menu that comes with right-click.

Besides these, there are many other options in the slide show view of PowerPoint presentation.

Right-click on the slide show view and select “Pointer Options” command to select the desired annotation tool from “Laser Pointer,” “Pen” or “Highlighter” option.

You can also select the colour of the ink used in the “Pen” and “Highlighter” tools by selecting the “Pointer Options,” and then click “Ink Color,” and then choose a colour.

These were some of the useful commands and feature of Slide Show view of PowerPoint Presentations.

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