Terms and Conditions

We, at Elearno, do everything we can to make your experience of learning with us as effective and memorable as we can. We request you to go through our Terms and Conditions before accessing or participating in our courses or availing our services. By registering or participating in this site, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Use (ToU) and comply with its usage and policies. If you do not understand or do not agree to be bound by the terms of use, please do not access this site. Elearno reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time as we deem fit, without any prior notice. Any changes to this agreement will be effective immediately upon posting on this page.

  1. Elearno and its intellectual property (IP), which includes but is not limited to study material, course notes, videos, question papers and all digital and printed information belong to the company and are for the use of our customers who pay for the same. You agree that the IP shared by Elearno is meant for your personal use and illegal distribution of the same is punishable by law. Elearno also reserves the right to modify and distribute the content as per the need. It is an independent platform and does not share any relation with any other company.
  1. Elearno reserves the right to create courseware and material on topics like Microsoft Excel, Word etc. as a part of its service offering.
  1. Elearno reserves all rights to reschedule classes, update the content of the courseware or offer any promotional discounts. Any appeals or change requests to this will not be considered for any category of the company offerings: 1:1, Group and Learning resources.
  1. Content and videos available on Elearno are for reference purpose only and specifically created on Windows 10, MS Office 2016, and Office 365 versions. Therefore, during practice sessions or during demos, the screen will be different for those students who may be using any other version of Windows or MS Office.
  1. A high-speed Internet connection, a good quality webcam, microphone, and a working computer are needed to access the course. If the subscriber does not have a webcam, s/he can still access the course. Having a webcam is however recommended to get the full benefit of the courseware.
  1. The subscriber must have MS Office software installed in the computer in order to learn MS Office applications.
  1. If a subscriber is using a Mac computer and enrolls for the Basics of Computers course, they need to bear in mind that all tutorials are based on the Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, there could be a few changes in the instructions and screenshots accordingly in the interface and hardware in use.
  1. In case students join after the scheduled time or miss a class, the tutor will not be liable to cover the topic again. Any missed topics will be covered in extra classes but ongoing classes will not be interrupted or disturbed.
  1. Each extra class for the course will have a minimum cost associated with it.
  1. After paying for the course, if the subscriber is unable to attend classes due to any emergency or other personal reasons, Elearno cannot be held responsible for the same and any requests for partial or complete refund will not be entertained.
  1. If in case the subscriber is having an unstable/ slow internet connection and is unable to join the class, Elearno cannot be held responsible for any missed course content. The subscriber can opt for assistance from our technical team to resolve the issue and reconnect to the class. However, if there is a major problem or the internet speed is not appropriate, Elearno will, in no way, be held responsible for any missed course content.
  1. If in case a tutor is not available or there is a technical problem from our side, the Company will take full responsibility and will reschedule the class for the subscriber.
  1. For any assistance query or support, the subscriber can reach us on our toll-free numbers or chat support.
  1. All services are strictly limited to the subscriber and are non-transferable.
  1. Disturbance caused by any other person, animal, machine or electronic devices in the background will not be entertained during the live classroom sessions.
  1. Learning resources will be made accessible only on our website from the user’s Downloading, copying, sharing or saving the documents or videos to user’s hard drive is strictly prohibited and may be liable for legal action in case such an instance is discovered.
  1. Any extra cost incurred by the subscriber, including any hardware upgrades or software purchases, in order to use services of Elearno on user’s side will not be entertained by us.
  1. Elearno software is specifically designed for providing education. In case users face any trouble with the computer during the class. Elearno is not responsible. However, we can get a free diagnostic check of the user’s computer by our technician. Any repair cost will have to be borne by the user.
  1. If in case a subscriber is not comfortable showing his/ her face during the online video course the subscriber can request the same to the tutor who will disable the video feed for that particular subscriber.
  1. Refund Policy and Duration of Access to Learning Resources:
  1. A maximum of two days are available to ask for a refund after attending a session. Any requests for a refund after that will not be considered.
  1. Learning resources are accessible for a period of one year only.
  1. Learning resources provided with 1:1 classroom and Group classroom will be made available free of cost for one year from the date of commencement. If a subscriber wants to access the same after the mentioned period, he/she will be charged a minimal amount for the same.
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