Why is it never too late to master your skills in MS Office

Ever found yourself in a predicament where your new job required you to know the basics those were ‘taught in school’? The best example of this scenario is, probably, the use of MS Office. Excel sheets, word documents and PowerPoint presentations are so embedded in the corporate culture that it is impossible to survive in the business world without learning them. But then, is it always possible to go back to the basics leaving aside your routine? Definitely not… Your answer lies with Elearno.

Be it entrepreneurs, employees or senior management, proficiency in MS Office is a must. Different jobs might require a person to master different softwares, as per their job demands. Say a sales person might find it a boon for his career if his PowerPoint and presentation skills are unparalleled. Here are a few facts which you might find interesting:

  • 73% Recruiters say they are more likely to hire a candidate who is proficient in MS Office, than one without its knowledge.
  • 28% Employees say that being better at MS Office was one of the top 3 reasons for them to be a more productive employee.
  • 86% people say that they started using Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word or MS PowerPoint only after they started working.
  • 79% of start-ups say that they manage their daily office work through MS Office.

*Source: Multiple Statistical data in Google

If you are well-versed with the tools, it is genuinely an addition to your resume. However, if you have not had a chance to give it a thought yet, it’s never too late. With the advancement in technology, learning a new skill-set is as easy as accessing a website or downloading mobile apps. Online courses help you to get easy access to world-class learning material within the comforts of your home, along with timings that suit your schedule.

Understanding the need of the hour, which can help in improving the productivity of the corporate and business world as a whole, Elearno, one of the leading online course providers in India, has designed a variety of courses to cater to the corporate populace. Ranging from a basic introductory course in MS Office, to a full-fledged intricate course in MS Excel Formulae, each course is customized to fulfill the requirement in a student’s skill-set, as well as bridge the gap in their understanding and learning capabilities. Backed up by a strong teaching staff and experienced online subject-matter experts, they have successfully refined the technique of online learning. Every day, more and more students are benefitting from their online courses and getting that much closer to achieving their dreams.  You too can do the same. Just register with Elearno through their website, www.elearno.com for the course which suits you best and start your journey towards a successful career.

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